The fit process is the most important part of the Running Away Multisport interaction - from footwear to bikes to westuits. Our goal is to make sure every purchase is the right fit for our customer, and help them achieve their aspirations. Fourteen seasons strong as your local experts.

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Finding out the hard way: how you know you chaffed!

This weekend I had a long run in the glorious (read: disgusting. I keep my mouth shut in winter because I like to reserve my weather hatred for days like the past few) heat and humidity that is a Chicago summer. I use Body Glide like it’s a religion, but I, without fail, ALWAYS chafe where my heart rate monitor is, and it’s killer. Sometimes, I can feel it happening on the tail end of a run, and other times, suspicions aren’t confirmed until I get in the shower. The shower. A runner’s nightmare after a particularly long run or in testing new apparel. I dread the shower most on those super hot, humid, long run days, where the Body …

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