The fit process is the most important part of the Running Away Multisport interaction - from footwear to bikes to westuits. Our goal is to make sure every purchase is the right fit for our customer, and help them achieve their aspirations. Fourteen seasons strong as your local experts.

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What moves you?

Three days after I completed my first 13.1, I registered for the Chicago marathon, 10 months away. After completing that race, I started thinking about just how much further a 50K was, and if I had enough gas in the tank to make the distance based on how I felt crossing the finish line of Chicago. After the 50k, the term “Ironman” entered my brain space. It just kept spiraling. (I haven’t done the Ironman. Yet.) Normal people (you, me, your seat neighbor on the bus) train for these types of events for any number of reasons. Many of us start these internal conversations with ourselves simply wondering if we can just complete the distance, make it to the finish …

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