The fit process is the most important part of the Running Away Multisport interaction - from footwear to bikes to westuits. Our goal is to make sure every purchase is the right fit for our customer, and help them achieve their aspirations. Fourteen seasons strong as your local experts.

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Meet the coolest kid I know: 20 questions with Hailey Danisewicz

I met Hailey (this is Kate, if you’re wondering) almost two years ago when she was finishing up her degree at Northwestern and working part time at Running Away Multisport; she was that person who, even if she would deny having all her ducks in a row, sure looked like she had all her ducks in a row! This girl can do anything. Unfailingly positive and one of the toughest, most dedicated athletes I have had the chance to meet, Hailey’s generosity of spirit and humor makes her someone we all want to learn from and definitely laugh with. We’re so glad to have her back with the family, now as a RAM sponsored athlete! You’ll be hearing more from …

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