The fit process is the most important part of the Running Away Multisport interaction - from footwear to bikes to westuits. Our goal is to make sure every purchase is the right fit for our customer, and help them achieve their aspirations. Fourteen seasons strong as your local experts.

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Recovery: it’s like cleaning the bathroom.

You should do it, even if you don’t want to, because in (after?) the long run, your body will thank you. When running first became a “thing,” people didn’t get fitted for running shoes. They ran in whatever shoes they had or chose from the small number of options available that fit their feet. You can swim without a wetsuit, but we know now that the added buoyancy of that second skin does wonders for your performance in the water. Science is on our side with physics, aerodynamics, force, momentum, and in the last decade or so, nutrition. There has been a recent surge in information made available to non-elite athletes about the best ways to fuel our workouts and …

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